Claudiu Raicu : Homological invariants of determinantal thickenings, 425-446


The study of homological invariants such as Tor, Ext and local cohomology modules constitutes an important direction in commutative algebra. Explicit descriptions of these invariants are notoriously difficult to find and often involve combining an array of techniques from other fields of mathematics. In recent years tools from algebraic geometry and representation theory have been successfully employed in order to shed some light on the structure of homological invariants associated with determinantal rings. The goal of this notes is to survey some of these results, focusing on examples in an attempt to clarify some of the more technical statements.

Key Words: Determinantal varieties, local cohomology, syzygies, Ext and Tor groups, thickenings.

2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary 13D07, 14M12, 13D45.